Threat to Latin and Greek at Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)

The majors in Greek and Latin at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, are under threat, a decision which could result in the elimination of an academic position. The university’s arguments are entirely financial, but we believe nonetheless that the university will be responsive to international opinion. If you would like to support these majors at Victoria – where Ronald Syme studied Latin and Greek – please use the link below to make a submission to the university (you may have to cut and paste).

Your contribution can be very concise: what will matter in this process is not the quality of any single argument but instead the sheer bulk of submissions. The format for general submissions is anonymous, so if you wish to include your identity or institution – and we hope you do – you will need to include that in the body of your communication to the university. The deadline for submissions is 4 September. All support for the major in Greek and Latin, it need hardly be said, will be greatly appreciated.

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Many thanks,
Diana Burton

Associate Professor, Classics, Greek and Latin Programme
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

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