AIEGL - Association Internationale d’Épigraphie Grecque et Latine

The Association Internationale d’Épigraphie Grecque et Latine, founded in 1972 in Munich and constituted in 1977 in Constantza, is the international organisation that promotes the study of inscriptions in the Classical World. Its main purpose is to promote communication and co-operation among students and scholars of epigraphy throughout the world. Every five years it sponsors the International Epigraphic Congress and it acts as patron to several other academic meetings and conferences. It offers prizes for outstanding work by younger scholars and provides financial support for specialised training in the subject.

Winners of the Géza Alföldy Stipend 2016/17

Adak, Mustafa (Univ. of Akdeniz, TR)
Eine archaische Versinschrift aus Teos misogynen Inhalts

Benefiel, Rebecca (Washington & Lee Univ., Lexington)
Creating a resource for ancient handwritten inscriptions: The Ancient Graffiti Project

Benseddik, Nacera (Ecole Nation. de Conservation, Alger)
Un carmen funéraire découvert en Numidie

Hasegawa, Takashi (Keio Univ., Tokyo)
Identités et statuts sociaux des commerçants connus dans les sanctuaires de Nehalennia

Tsolakis, Georgios (Univ. of New York)
The ‘first citizens’ and ‘descendants of the co-founders of the city’. The composition of upper-class society at Aphrodisias

Winners of the Prix d'Épigraphie

On behalf of the bureau of the AIEGL the IIIviri have awarded the Prix d’épigraphie for the best work

in Greek epigraphy to

Sara Kaczko (Univ. of Roma, La Sapienza), Archaic and Classical Attic Dedicatory Epigrams

in Latin epigraphy to

Celia Sánchez Natalías (Univ. del País Vasco), El contenido de las defixiones en el Occidente del Imperio Romano

Grants, Awards and Prizes of AIEGL

  • Prix d' Épigraphie
    Two AIEGL prizes ( to be advertised every five years), one of which will be awarded for a work in the field of Greek epigraphy, the other for a work in the field of Latin epigraphy, consist of 2.500 Euro each and are reserved to works almost ready for publication but not published yet.
  • Géza Alföldy-Stipends
    AIEGL will award three Géza Alföldy stipends in 2016/17 in the amount of EUR 2,000 each to dedicated epigraphists from outside Europe who want to deepen their international contacts by participating in the XVth International Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy, to be held from August 28 to September 1st, 2017, at the University of Vienna.
  • Grants
    The Association Internationale d’Épigraphie Grecque et Latine offers two grants of up to 500 Euros each to support epigraphic educational and training courses and workshops.